July 2021 - The summary

Showcase Madrid Project

ShowcaseMadrid is a tryout event, from December 12 to 17 2021 .(2nd EDITION)

As a part of this experience, you will have the opportunity to play in a professional environment and live in an exclusive complex with all the facilities a football player needs to concentrate solely on the games and give 100% on the field.

Ages: 16 to 24 years old.

We are collaborating with professional clubs from La Liga and La Liga 2 in order to provide you with a real opportunity to join one of the participating clubs. 

As such, at least 2 official scouts from each club will come to the tryouts and select at least one player to 

1) invite to an official trial according to the level shown by the chosen one/s


 2) present a contract offer if the club deems it appropriate.

Once the player(s) has been chosen, each club will set the dates for the events in accordance with the chosen player(s). Showcase or no other associated company or entity will be responsible for the relationships that are generated between the club and the chosen player(s) after the Showcase tryout is over.